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We are a diverse community, rooted in the love of Jesus, exploring faith and culture. Our community gathers weekly on Sundays at 10am for worship & teaching on campus at Winston Salem Christian School. 


Intentionally simple, we are a new community of friends, focused on building relationships and establishing the foundation for a healthy church family. We would love for you to join us. 

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The table symbolizes a place for us to come together as one family, regardless of social status or cultural background. Our Sunday gatherings start with breakfast at 9am. After breakfast, we enjoy a time of worship & teaching. We end every gathering with communion in order to anchor every teaching in the story of Jesus. 


Our auditorium is open every Wednesday from 6-7pm for prayer. There is no agenda. We unlock the doors, put on a playlist and simply make room for Jesus. Various friends from our community gather to pray at other times throughout the week, as well. Talking to God is simple and beautiful. 


We aim to live holistic lives of worship. Our voices sing praises to God (corporately and privately). We read the Bible daily and discuss it with friends and family. We use our gifts to serve Jesus and our neighbors.  We are generous with our time and resources. Our worship is found in every part of life. 


Our community enjoys the benefit of learning from a multi-generational and multi-ethnic team of speakers and teachers. Various perspectives on life, culture, and faith allow us to gain wisdom across a wide spectrum of experiences. We find strength in the diversity of voices speaking into our community. 


Our relationship with Jesus naturally leads us to relationships with others. His life showed us that there is joy and strength found in relationships across culturally dividing lines of race, religion, politics, and economics. We don't have to agree on every matter of faith and culture to be friends and pursue Jesus. Our holistic community engagement framework aims to solidify equitable access to housing, healthcare, education, and employment for everyone in our community. 

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